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“Fantahumans” is a generative music visuals audio responsive system taking place in a 3D environment and an homage to unity and chaos.


“Fanta” was created at a time of deep nostalgia for each other's bodies and the joy of being together, namely the long lock down of 2021. It was presented as a visual installation during a dj set by the collective Recall, taking place at the 79th International Film Festival, in the setting of the beautiful Island of San Servolo, in Venice, when people could finally touch each other again.


Fantahumans are programmed to interact with the rhythm of the music. Their skin can adapt to the imagery of the DJ or artist who is playing, their face is constantly evolving, thanks to a procedurally generated algorithm made with Unity.

Fanta’s Avatars and their devs can’t stop moving and are currently looking for a party!

If you want to have them write to ciao@fantamagico.com


“Fantahumans” body are moving with a keyframed animation (mixamo) and procedural ragdoll animation driven by audio and MIDI signal.

An internal control system stochastically variates frames, effects, skin textures and choreography of the Fanta’s Avatars. Their faces are procedurally generated: their expressions mutate with the rhythm of the music with a variable of 34.

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