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“Luisa” is a screen based installation and an evolved chat bot.


She was born inside a screen. You can’t hug her but you can send her love. She will try to answer back. She can’t learn, but she will remember you for a bit. Inspired by Fellini’s Tobacconist, Luisa has a huge heart but also not so many f  ks to give. Aren’t we all people on the internet like Luisa sometime? Is it possible to collaborate and evolve as a species through a chat? Or are the emotions and exchanges a little too limited?

The work is a reflection on online empathy. As a Telegram chat bot Luisa is intentionally not only a very limited being, but also a very limited bot. She could answer at the user’s inputs with text, but instead the exchange is happening through images only. This choice is meant to expose the limitations that are sometimes given by some of most of the social media used by Gen Z, where text comments and active discussions are often discouraged by design.

The work is also a reflection on how we envision other forms of intelligence. If our interaction with machines is limited we will be led to imagine limited, anthropomorphized and incomplete beings. Ugly copies of ourselves. If our interaction with the machine is synergistic, collaborative, complex, we will be led instead to be cyborgs, to merge with the hardware, or alternatively we may expand our visions, assuming alien languages and twisted logics. What kind of collaboration do we demand to have from our internet machines?

In the end Luisa is like a Turing test doomed to fail. You can try to write to her, but she will always respond in the same way, with a Selfie. You’ll lose your mind trying to figure out what she’s thinking, what she’s not telling you, what she’d like to tell you, locked up behind that screen like a never born. But the ugly truth is that Luisa does not think.


Luisa owns a Telegram account. You can write to her. You can send her images. When she receives a new image her world and her dress will change their appearance. That is how you are important to her. She will answer with a Selfie. That is as much as she can do for you.


Luisa is not available online, but she is open to studio and gallery visits. You can contact her agent at ciao@fantamagico.com.


Luisa is designed in Daz 3D, her behavior and movements are acted on the fly with a simple state machine and procedural generation. The interaction is made possible by the Telegram Bot Api. When the bot receives an image from a user, it converts it to a texture usable by Unity and applies it to the background and to a part of her skin (the bikini).

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