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“Musicone” is a early prototype of the VR music project codename: MUSICONE, a 3D multiplayer music sequencer. “Musicone” is pronounced /ˈmu.ziˈko.ne/, which is Italian for Big Music Person.


You are in a very nice place where notes and sound effects turned into small colored objects such as eggs, eggplants and plant faces. The score is circular. You can stand in a circle with your friends and compose a song together.

You know nothing about solfège and you only know how to play castanets? You are welcome! You studied violin at the conservatory for 30 years and know how to assemble a synthesizer with your bare hands while blindfolded? You are also welcome!


As Logic Pro or other digital audio workstation softwares and MIDI sequencers you are going to be able to compose and save your music tracks by placing 3D objects on a circular score. The note sequence is given by the proximity to the center of the circle. The note closest to the center is the one that sounds first. A dynamic that is partly inspired by NodeBeat.

The Big Music Person is judging you at the side of the sound field. A lot of notes and sound effects are generated by him and for him to be pleased.


Your room is the house place where your song exists. In the future you will be able to share your rooms in the “Musicone” hub, so that the rest of the community will be able to upvote it or to interact with your creation, by creating new remixes or mods. You will also be able to customize your room scenery as you wish, choosing from a range of different environments.


the downloadable apk is coming REALLY SOON in the next few years!

Come on our Discord for info and suggestions!

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