Is an alienating web meditation experience. 


Sheepposting can have drastic consequences to the soul. Knowledge should be sip bit by bit. Knowing things changes us, forever or for a few seconds. And so it happens to the sheep. 

When PECCORA drinks the pond’s information and truths, her eyes, neck, body, velocity, magnitude and movements are shapeshifting. She can take up to a total of 5³ variables. “I would have preferred to be born as a rubber chicken.”

"That pickle eater used to have a soft touch."

"I feel a bit dizzy when I touch your knee."

  As you help the sheep shove information down its throat, you are also enduring the consequences of these reckless acts. Or maybe, in the end, you are learning something? Personal experiences shared by others may also help us. We are relatable beings. "Our life on the platform is stagnant just like this pond, I feel stuck sometimes."

"It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."

"I think I might be upset... Gonna have a stomach ache for 9 hours just to be safe."

Peccora is of course an homage to Lewis Carroll.


Tanzaku (短冊) are wishes or prayers that are hung on the branches of bamboo trees, a world-famous Japanese tradition. Once grafted into a place, Peccora could become a similar thing: a place where visitors to an exhibition can leave their advice and life experiences, for future visitors.

“Breathing in and out is for the pure of heart.”

“I'm mentally prepared for this week's tasks.”

“Living on the verge of extinction isn't that fun anymore.”


The game was developed with Unity and Three.js. Objects are modeled with Blender, and textures are hand-painted. A random algorithm allows the palette to change on every refresh. The Shitty Flute soundtrack is composed by Anonymous Person.

“Talking is boring. Let’s skip to the part where we drive hours away from here to a beautiful house surrounded by sand dunes and live there like we're retired.”

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