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(Triptych of Work)

 The “Trittico del Lavoro” is a VR performative experience and art piece.


The Trittico del Lavoro is a journey through three different but very classical manners of using the body and brain in order to produce resources. Practical and mental acts that made the history of human culture are reenacted, one after another, to induce a state of estrangement and realization in the viewer. Do we still have the same needs compared to twenty years ago, forty years ago or three hundred years ago? What did we gain, and what did we lose? Does technology fascinate us or repel us?

And what do gestures tell us about our identity and passions? Which component of the triptych satisfies us most?



Hand labor is responsible for a large part of our evolution. Our brains were shaped while making tools, carving trees, beating things on things. If in your life you work as a woodcutter, you will find these gestures pleasantly light and simple, as you effortlessly move your VR controllers. If wood is absent in your life, perhaps you will experience joy: the ancestral joy of splitting matter. Although chopping too much wood could be harmful to the planet. How does it make us feel to chop trees?


At a certain point, pop culture and service-providing entered into our life. We did not choose it, we were not being asked. We just found it next to us, like this gummy palm tree or this inflatable Charmander. We like the colors of plastic, we like the noise of rubber. We sense the guilt. We think of the strata of plastic that we will leave on a now abandoned and destroyed planet, as we inflate the mat to take a swim. How does it make us feel to produce products?


Words are not meanings. Words are slippery. Words are traitors. Words make us human, what does human means? Are we still human? Could we ever tell it? And even if we told it, could we ever get it? The third and last part of the Trittico del Lavoro, makes us remember how we can produce a near to infinite number of words with just a simple touch. Words are light and shiny, words may heal us. Words may elevate us to a celestial state of serendipity. Omniscient, elbow, distance, pie, fade, home. How does it make us feel to think thoughts?


Made for Windows only, on PC VR. The Trittico is composed by three apps:


Use the Oculus controllers to 

Grip button: Press to grab objects or make a fist when using your virtual hands.

Use Primary Thumbstick to move words.

If you enjoy the game, come to the FANTAMAGICO Discord server to say HI!


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